Level 2 Skills + Wilderness Camping

Level 2 Skills + Wilderness Camping

15 May to 19 May, 2023 - Ottawa Area, 5-days
18 September to 23 September, 2023 - Georgian Bay - Key River, 6-days
$1000/ person, plus tax / fees

Take your skills to the next level! Now that you have learned to successfully operate your kayak in your Level 1 course, make the most of your paddling skills and practice them on a wilderness adventure trip in Georgian Bay. 

Our Paddle Canada certified Level 2 skills course will help you maximize your paddling skills, learning more advanced paddling strokes and rescue techniques, plus it will enable you to manage the more challenging sea conditions in Georgian Bay. You will also learn how to navigate the terrain to take you to new places, and create your own expedition itinerary.  The course details, what to bring and our cancellation policy can be found at the link provided below.

In addition to the Level 2 skills, wilderness camping will teach you how to improve your safe food handling skills, how to identify the risks and how to mitigate them when you are in the wilderness; and you will be able to provide a safe and enjoyable camping experience for you and the others in your group. Please note that as part of this course, you will be responsible for providing food for certain meals and doing the food preparation. 

With the successful completion of the course, you will  receive your Paddle Canada Level 2 Skills and Wilderness Camping certifications.

We provide the kayaks, and required safety equipment for our courses unless you prefer to bring your own. All our courses have a capacity limit so book early to ensure your spot.

The course details, what to bring and our cancellation policy can be found at the link provided below. 

Only the start date is shown on the booking calendar.  Some multi day courses are consecutive dates, some are a series of dates.  Be sure you double check your desired dates before purchasing.

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